BATB Roof Notes - Discussion Thread (Dec 2nd to Dec 11th)


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DayaBEASTS4: Olympic Games?? :nopoints: :P :P :P Aug 11, 2016 19:51:05 GMT -5
batb4evr1: , I was here to watch the entire show. Vincent in the shower and VinCat together in bed - Hmmmm Aug 11, 2016 22:25:44 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: Great I know that you enjoy that scenes. Vincent in the shower!! :worship: Aug 12, 2016 20:47:15 GMT -5
batb4evr1: , You know you were not alone in loving the last episode. But Bummer US will once again skip a week until Episode 11 which will now air on Thursday, August 25. Boy are they getting good at dragging this out!!! :angry-mob: Aug 15, 2016 17:29:56 GMT -5 *
alwayscrazedbatbfan: BATB4EVR1: Please send those angry rioting emojis after my CW network in my area of Carolina that decided to PULL 410 in favor of a football game. Not kidding. Wanting to use that pitchfork against BAD exec decisions! BATB SHOULD come FIRST, not goofball Aug 17, 2016 12:58:29 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS4: No #BATB :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :crazy: :crazy: :angry-mob: :banghead: :angry-mob: :overactionalert: :not fair: :-S :'( Aug 18, 2016 12:20:44 GMT -5 *
batb4evr1: and , it now appears there will also be a week skipped after Thursday, August 25, the next episode will be shown on Thursday, September 8 after that!!! :angry-mob: :angry-mob: :overactionalert: :crazy: :banghead: :-[ :-S Aug 18, 2016 21:12:03 GMT -5 *
alwayscrazedbatbfan: There is no justice. But once that last episode airs, no more BATB. So I am NOT anxious for the final episode to air. Just wish the CW in my area would stop these gimmicks of when they air episodes. Certainly can't help ratings for the end. Aug 19, 2016 15:23:20 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: There SHOULD be all the bells and whistles in the world put forth by the CW to give BATB a PROPER send-off! It is ending after 4 years. THAT IS a great milestone for a television program and SHOULD be honored as such! Aug 19, 2016 15:25:06 GMT -5
batb4evr1: You know that I am right there with you in feeling that way !!! :not fair: This show was a enduring underdog with a diehard fanbase for CW. Our fan base was strong and enduring until the end. Winning Peoples Choice against odds. 8D Aug 19, 2016 21:29:08 GMT -5 *
DayaBEASTS4: NOW!!!! :hehe: THEY DON'T WANT #BATB END??!! (rofl) (rofl) :lol3: :lol3: So funy.. Aug 23, 2016 8:53:18 GMT -5
luna76: @dayabeasts4 who? Aug 23, 2016 9:48:45 GMT -5 *
DayaBEASTS4: CW !! I find so weird that they postponed the last 4 episode.. for what purpose? they never had interest in #BATB >:D >:D CW will feel a big hole without us :icon_evil_laugh: :evil_laugh: Aug 25, 2016 10:01:17 GMT -5
BeastieBoy: I think the CW is stretching it out so that BATB ends close to when they can start their fall season. Anyway, tonight's the night US Beasties! Aug 25, 2016 13:25:38 GMT -5
AlisongladaboutSeason4: Looking forward to the promo after tonight's episode. Really want to see what happens next. For some reason I think 4x12 will be a landmark episode. Aug 25, 2016 14:05:31 GMT -5
batb4evr1: Yeah now BATB is valuable to CW and (rofl) I am with you in anticipation for 4x12 ! Here's hoping! :smiley_agree: Aug 25, 2016 21:46:24 GMT -5 *
luna76: @dayabeasts4 I don't think CW considers BATB a valuable show only because they postpone the end,otherwise they could have split the season in two after a climax (ex. when Vincent hide himself in the dangeon) % then air the rest in a row till 15 sept Aug 26, 2016 7:03:43 GMT -5
AlisongladaboutSeason4: Yes, this one episode every two weeks is killing me. :overactionalert: Aug 26, 2016 7:49:49 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: I DON'T want the show over, but the wait is KILLING ME here!! (And Jay in those glasses just DOES things to me. The Clark Kent effect WORKS for him! Why couldn't we have gotten more of THAT before now! And some of that VinCat roleplaying!!!!) Aug 26, 2016 16:13:53 GMT -5
batb4evr1: and , I am really sad as I am trying to come to terms with BATB and the DEN ending very soon! :not fair: :'( I am really going to miss being excited about my Thursday BATB date and posting w/my Beasties and Beasts! :o Aug 26, 2016 22:10:41 GMT -5 *