BATB Roof Notes - Discussion Thread (Dec 2nd to Dec 11th)


Welcome to Save Each Other!
Catherine Chandler: Merry Christmas everyone!! :dancing: Dec 25, 2015 21:35:26 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR (filled with endless scenes of nekkid VinCat in Season 4!!!! HeeHeeHee!)!!!!! Dec 31, 2015 12:07:37 GMT -5
batb4evr1: New Year, New Dream for outstanding final BATB episodes and VinCat chemistry exploding our screens! Cannot wait for the DEN to get together again! Jan 2, 2016 20:18:19 GMT -5
zelly309: Hello and happy New Year - may it bring you all that your heart desires. ❤️ Jan 3, 2016 5:31:19 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Our hearts desire ---ANOTHER PCA WIN!!! WhooHOO! PCA Awards 2016 are ALMOST HERE! Go VINCAT and BATB!!!!! Jan 4, 2016 16:41:31 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS3: Happy New Year #BATB every1 :ninja-turtle: Jan 6, 2016 12:53:34 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: WE WON!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!! BEST FANDOM EVER!!!!!!!!!! HOW CAN I POSSIBLY CONCENTRATE ON WORK NOW! Jan 7, 2016 10:36:30 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: MUST. . HAPPY. . .DANCE. . .CONTINUOUSLY!!!! Ignore strange looks from co-workers. They're just JEALOUS of our PCA WIN (FOUR IN A FREAKING ROW, BABY!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!!) BEASTIE DOMINATION CONTINUES!!!! Jan 7, 2016 10:53:08 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS3: :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: take that :icon_evil_laugh: :icon_evil_laugh: :icon_evil_laugh: Jan 7, 2016 18:31:58 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: OUR little show needs a new HOME network/service that APPRECIATES it as it should be!! STILL CELEBRATING the PCA WIN!!! Jan 12, 2016 18:14:46 GMT -5
batb4evr1: Alwayscrazedbatbfan, always on the right track! Our show really does need a network to truly appreciate what an outstanding gem and talented actors this show has! The continuous PCA wins show that Beauty and The Beast has potential and audience appeal! Jan 16, 2016 0:06:46 GMT -5 *
batb4evr1: DayaBEAST3, I miss you too! :hug: Jan 16, 2016 0:22:20 GMT -5
batb4evr1: And BeastieBoy and SweetRosie29. I really miss us all actively posting about the episodes in the DEN! I am going to sleep now so that I don't cry! I hope to chat with you all soon when Season 4 starts! Jan 16, 2016 0:25:18 GMT -5 *
DayaBEASTS3: AAAWwwwww....Thank you !!! :hug: I miss youuuu :ninja-turtle: :ninja-turtle: Jan 21, 2016 20:53:03 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: Hiatus KILLING ME. . .slowly. . . NEED SEASON 4 NOW!!! Jan 25, 2016 17:24:25 GMT -5
AlisongladaboutSeason4: Just found out Season 3 DVD release in the UK is March 14th. Does that mean Season 4 is around the couner??? Feb 8, 2016 14:11:08 GMT -5
alwayscrazedbatbfan: SEASON 4 to start JUNE 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somebody start one of those countdown clocks Stat!! Feb 12, 2016 12:12:53 GMT -5
savebatbleader: Go Check out and help save our show spread the word beasties love you all! Feb 18, 2016 10:32:19 GMT -5
kittiepaw1: YES YES YES!! There IS a CAMPAIGN going on to save the show. The most two important things you can do to help other than to join in on twitter trending is to sign the petition here: and take the poll here: Feb 26, 2016 10:28:38 GMT -5
DayaBEASTS3: HI Everyone!! the day is coming :ninja-turtle: :yay: Mar 30, 2016 9:31:25 GMT -5